Add Outlook toolbars and toolbar controls in VSTO 2005 - 2010
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Add-in Express™
for Microsoft® Office and VSTO

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Please note, these are outdated videos, captured on older versions of Add-in Express. That is why they do not reveal all the potential of Add-in Express 2010 and show by far not all features and capabilities available in Add-in Express for Office and VSTO.

Add Outlook Explorer toolbar and controls, add custom button to intercept a built-in button

This video shows how to use Add-in Express for Office and VSTO to do the following:

  • Add an add-in designer.
  • Add Explorer commandbar components to the add-in designer.
  • Add toolbar buttons (CommandBarButton), popup menus (CommandBarPopup), combo boxes (CommandBarComboBox), and custom buttons to commandbars.
  • Add a custom button and make it run any standard action.

This video was captured with Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Add-in Express 2010 for Office and VSTO, version 6.3.