VB.NET examples of PowerPoint add-in

VB.NET HowTo samples

On this page you will find how-to examples for the following Microsoft Office applications:

And here are VB.NET examples for other applications of the Microsoft Office suite:

VB.NET for PowerPoint

How to handle the SlideShowBegin event on presentation objects in PowerPoint

This example shows how to handle the SlideShowBegin event of the PowerPoint presentation objects in VB.NET
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VB.NET for Project

How to handle the TaskChange event of MS Project in Visual Basic

The example shows how to handle the TaskChange event of Microsoft Project using Visual Basic.
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Microsoft Office general

How to create a Microsoft Office add-in

This Visual Basic .NET solution for Microsoft Office 2021 - 2000 is described in the Developer Guide: Creating your first Office addin. It demonstrates the following features of Add-in Express for Office and .NET:

  • How to create a single add-in supporting all versions of several Office applications: e.g. PowerPoint, Excel and Word
  • How to add your own command bars and command bar controls
  • How to create Office Ribbon controls in Ribbon tabs and Office menu
  • How to build custom task panes
  • How to handle application-level events
  • How to add an event class for handling worksheet events
  • How to use version-independent Office interops

You can another step-by-step sample here: Developing Office add-ins in .NET page. See also a video showing how to build Office add-in.
Download COM addin

How to change properties of a CommandBarComboBox (ADXCommandBarComboBox) at run time

This plug-in shows how to change the ADXCommandBarComboBox properties at run-time in VB.NET.
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How to program a smart tag

This code sample is described in full detail in Add-in Express documentation: How to program smart tags in .NET.
Download smart tag

How to show a custom form when installing and registering a COM add-in via ClickOnce

This Visual VB.NET example demonstrates how to show a custom form when you install your Office plugin via ClickOnce. Add-in Express supports the ClickOnce technology for Office 2021 - 2003 add-ins.
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