C#, VB.NET IE add-on examples,
code samples to develop IE11 - IE6 plug-ins

IE HowTo samples

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How to create add-ons for Internet Explorer

You can find the detailed end-to-end demo on how to create IE extensions using Add-in Express for Internet Explorer in a number of video tutorials on IE plugin development. You will learn how to build a custom IE toolbar, make an Explorer Bar, IE menu item / command, and add a custom context menu item.
Download VB.NET sample

Download Manager add-on for IE

This is an example for IE 6 - IE 11, which demonstrates how to implement drag-and-drop and download files in Internet Explorer.
Available downloads: VB.NET sample      C# sample

How to show WPF controls in IE bar?

This IE plugin demonstrates how to use WPF controls on an Explorer bar.
Download VB.NET example

How to run and replace a script (JavaScript, JScript or VBScript) on an HTML page in Internet Explorer

This C# IE addon demonstrates how to execute a script on an HTML page opened in IE. The project shows an Internet Explorer toolbar with two buttons. By clicking on the first button you run a script contained in the sample HTML page (supplied in the download package). By clicking on the other button, you replace the script with a new one. Now, clicking on the first button executes the new script.
Download C# sample

How to show a custom context menu for HTML elements

The example shows how you can implement a custom context menu for HTML links on every web page loaded in IE. It also uses the Exec method of the IOleCommandTarget interface to call the ‘Properties’ built-in command for the link clicked by the user.
Download C# add-in

How to load custom CSS on every web page

This code example demonstrates how to use DocumentComplete2 event to add custom CSS on every web page loaded in Internet Explorer.
Download C# addon

How to show a custom properties dialog for HTML document/elements

This IE addon demonstrates how to use the OnBeforeExecute event to intercept built-in commands of Internet Explorer. In this case, the add-on displays a custom .NET form when the user right clicks on a link and chooses the Properties item in the IE context menu.
Download C# example

How to modify HTML source code before it is rendered in IE

This sample plug-in modifies the HTML source code of the Google web page and adds a custom button to the Google bar. The code is modified in the OnDataAvailable even before it is processed by Internet Explorer. When the bar button is clicked, javascript calls a BHO to display the ID of the HTML button element.
Download C# plug-in

How to monitor requests and responses in Internet Explorer

See how to add an advanced bar to the IE browser window that shows the following information:

  • Request headers
  • Response headers
  • Cookie (sent/received)
  • MIME types
  • Cached file names
  • P3P headers
  • HTML source (the size in bytes only)

The user can choose which information to display by pressing the filter buttons at the top of the bar.
Download C# plugin

How to implement automatic HTTP authentication for SharePoint sites in an IE add-on

This IE add-on shows how to use the OnAuthenticate event to implement HTTP authentication. In this case, the add-on intercepts requests to the SharePoint Server located in the Intranet environment. The server is configured to use the NTLM authentication schema. The example supports the MDS (Minimal Download Strategy) feature of SharePoint 2013.
Download C# add-on

How to determine if the user presses F5 or performs the Refresh command in IE

This code example demonstrates how you can ask the user if they want to refresh a specific web page. If the user presses 'No', the command is cancelled.
Download C# sample

How to synchronize UI of a custom bar in all open IE tabs/windows

This example uses a custom advanced bar with the drag-n-drop functionality to show how the UI can be synchronized in all open tabs and IE windows. To enable/disable the synchronization the add-on uses a custom button on the Explorer bar. The sample also shows changing the UI settings synchronously and asynchronously.
Download C# add-on