Sample IE plugin with C# and VB.NET source code.
Add-on example for Internet Explorer 11 - IE6

Add-in Express Toys™ .NET
for Internet Explorer

This free sample IE plug-in (C#, VB.NET) searches across all windows and tabs of the current Internet Explorer process and highlights search results. It shows how to create, debug, register and deploy IE add-ons, develop custom toolbars, Explorer bars, main and context menu and more. The plug-in was developed with Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and .net and works with all supported versions of IE6 to IE11.

Why Add-in Express for Internet Explorer?

Based on the IE extensibility, Add-in Express provides you with an integrated solution that allows developing professional extensions for Internet Explorer with minimal coding. Add-in Express supports VB.NET, Visual C# and Managed Visual C++.

You use Add-in Express visual designers and components to:

Sample Internet Explorer add-on: Advanced Search

Note. Compiled binaries are not included in the setup package of the Add-in Express Toys. You need Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and .NET to compile this sample add-on.

With this IE plug-in you can:

  • Search in all open Internet Explorer windows and tabs.
  • Search in hidden content, e.g. in HTML code, collapsed forms, META tags, CSS-menu, etc.
  • Search using the "Match case" or "Whole word" options.

IE plug-in to search in all open Internet Explorer windows and tabs

  • Navigate through search results by double clicking on the item in the Results tab.
  • Highlight search results in any color.

IE Advanced Search add-on: search results

Download sample Internet Explorer plug-in in C# and VB.NET (source code)