Delphi Word add-in / plug-in example
with source code

Add-in Express Toys™ VCL
for Microsoft Word

Add-in Express Toys VCL is a free add-in for Microsoft Word that adds syntax highlight feature. This sample Word addin was designed to show you how to create add-ins, manage their toolbars and controls, and get access to Word objects. The plugin is based on Add-in Express for Office and Delphi VCL.

How Add-in Express can ease creating Word add-ins in Delphi

Add-in Express for Office and Delphi is a VCL class library that allows you to:

  • Create Word Add-ins supported by Word 2021 - 2000.
  • Add your own command bars and controls such as submenus, toolbars, buttons, etc.
  • Control any built-in command bars and their controls including the main menu and pop-ups.
  • Customize the Microsoft Word Ribbon UI and Backstage View.
  • Handle Word events such as BeforeDocumentSave and BeforeDocumentClose.
  • Develop smart tag libraries for Word.

Add-in Express uses the Word.Application object (as an instance of TWordApplication) to provide access to all Word objects and events.

Download sample Word add-in

Add-in Express Toys 2 toolbar

Add-in Express Toys 2 for Word adds to Word a new folder specific toolbar with tree buttons:

The buttons are:

Shows the Add-in Express Toys About window.

Selects a syntax rule for text highlighting.

Highlights the selected text.

Shows the Options dialog box.