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Deploying Office add-ins

Add-in Express provides the maximum flexibility for your Office installations supporting several installation types and deployment models:

Deployment technologies overview

Table 1. Deployment technologies. Short descriptions.

Windows Installer (.msi)

You create a regular .MSI installer to install per-user and per-machine Office extensions. To update your Office extension, you uninstall its current version and install the new one. A per-user add-in is installed by an end user; a per-machine add-in requires administrative permissions.

This technology is targeted at non-admin installations; only per-user Office extensions can be installed in this way. When the user updates your Office extension, its previous version is uninstalled automatically.

ClickTwice :) This is a custom MSI-based Web deployment technology. ClickTwice :) allows standard users and admins to run MSIs from the web (Internet and Intranet) for installing and updating per-user and per-machine Office extensions.

Which deployment technology to use

Table 2. Deployment technologies. Detailed Comparison.



Windows Installer

ClickTwice :)

Update from the web Yes No Yes
Post-installation rollback Via Add/Remove Programs No No
Security permissions granted Grants only permissions necessary for the application (deploying COM add-ins, it always requires Full Trust). Grants Full Trust by default Grants Full Trust by default
Security permissions required Internet or Intranet Zone (Full Trust for CD-ROM installation) Standard user or Administrator Standard user or Administrator
Installation-time user interface Single prompt Multipart Wizard Multipart Wizard
Installation of shared files No Yes Yes
Installation of drivers No Yes
(with custom actions)
(with custom actions)
Installation to Global Assembly Cache No Yes Yes
Installation for multiple users No Yes Yes
Add an entry to Start menu Yes Yes Yes
Add an entry to Startup group No Yes Yes
Add an entry to Favorites menu No Yes Yes
Register file types No Yes Yes
Install time registry access HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) accessible only with Full Trust permissions Yes Yes
Binary file patching No Yes Yes
Installation location ClickOnce application cache Changed by the user during the installation Changed by the user during the installation