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We have new hangouts on the web. Drop in and win!

Twitter this, Twitter that.  Facebook blah blah blah.  YouTube Shmootube.  Yes, social media is nearly ubiquitous these days.  You just can't escape it.  So we all might as well get comfortable, scope out and develop our virtual lots and get to know the neighbourhood.  In case you haven't noticed, we've been busy doing just that!  We've ramped up our Twitter presence (I love our new profile design – great job Andrey!), started a Facebook page, and created a YouTube Channel to provide another way to access our very useful HowTo videos. 

So if you didn't know we "moved in" to the Web 2.0 world, then come and join us!  And to kick things off, we're having a welcome party where you can win a Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription – valued at $11,899 US!  If you don't know what an MSDN subscription is, then you may not find it useful.  You basically have access to download all kinds of Microsoft software (from Office to Windows to server products) for testing and development purposes.  So if you're not "in the biz" as they say, then technically it's illegal for you to use that software for personal or business purposes.

But if you're a developer, you're probably salivating at the thought of getting to play with all those bits.  Even if you have all this software already at your work, how many of you have full access to download the software whenever you want?  You also may already have an MSDN subscription through your employer, but I bet those of you who have the password to the Subscriber Downloads page are in the minority or have a really cool boss!  Oh – to have full, unfettered access!!!  Hey – it could be you!  Just enter our contest…

Full contest details are here.

In summary, here's what you do to gain multiple entries:

  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Tweet about one of our blog posts
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Write a blog post about one of our products
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Do one or all of the above!  But do check out our contest page that explains the exact details for all of the above methods and how you can enter up to 19 times to increase your chances of winning!  And don't forget to read all of the fine print; it makes lawyer types feel all warm and fuzzy.

Contest deadline is Friday, November 26th at midnight Central Time (-6 GMT).

What are you waiting for – GO!

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