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The New Year 2009 is coming!

The New Year is coming! For the last seven days I'm saying these words every time I step over the threshold of our office. Do you feel there is something special in the air? :) So, I will be brief...... Read the rest of this entry →

Migrate the code of your Office solution from Win32 and VBA code to .NET

As you probably know the .NET Framework provides a number of advantages when compared to Win32 programming. Say, administrators have by far more control over your code – they may restrict your code to use these or those resources or permissions. While it puts some limits on developers, companies are able to build environments that are safer and more controllable. ... Read the rest of this entry →

CodeGear Delphi Prism and Microsoft Office extensions

Embarcadero, continuing to support Delphi for Win32, is about to launch onto the market the version of Visual Studio 2008 Standard with Delphi for .NET built in. To be more precise, this is not the original Delphi for .NET, nor is it a reincarnation of Delphi 8, it is a "new" .NET-oriented programming language, which, however, already has a rich history. ... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 for CodeGear Delphi 2009 and… C++Builder

Delphi remains platform number 1 for developing commercial-class Microsoft Office extensions. Is it big news for anybody? We have been in the know of that for a long time and say it to everyone. What is more, we still develop all our commercial add-ins on Delphi 7. ... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 Roadmap

Many of you have already enquired about our roadmap for the year 2009. Its rough outline is ready, but as you understand, we reserve the right to introduce some changes. Well, now in more detail...... Read the rest of this entry →

Developers wanted for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express projects

If you do programming for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer or Outlook Express and have some experience in copywriting, then take a minute to read this page to the end. I am sure we’ll make a bargain.... Read the rest of this entry →

Office add-in localization: ribbon and commandbar controls, task panes etc.

To localize your COM add-in, you need to know the language settings of the Office application (host application) that the add-in is currently loaded in. In this post you will find some VB.NET and Delphi code samples of localizing your COM add-ins.... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express VCL future

The prospects of Add-in Express VCL.... Read the rest of this entry →

Setup project events for add-in solutions based on Add-in Express

Booker Prize. Also, all about setup projects based on Add-in Express. There are several custom events that we can use for...... Read the rest of this entry →

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