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Redeploying per-user Office extensions via ClickOnce

This is part 5 of the series of articles which describes all possible ways of deploying your Office extensions based on Add-in Express. I recommend you starting from the very beginning: Step-by-step deployment of Office extensions: Overview. Or, if you are interested only in ClickOnce deployment, please read Deploying per-user Office extensions via ClickOnce first.

Every Add-in Express module provides the IsNetworkDeployed method, which returns True if your Office extension was installed via ClickOnce.

Then, you can use the CheckForUpdatesmethod, which initiates the updating processif a new version of your Office extension is available in the location specified in the Provider URL field. If there’s an update, CheckForUpdates opens the Update Available dialog:

Update available dialog

Below you will find the steps required for deploying a new version of your Office extension.

Step 1. Increase the assembly version number

In the AssemblyInfo, increase the assembly version number of your project.

Assembly information dialog

Step 2. Build your project

Just build the Office extension project.

Step 3. Open the publish dialog

Select your project in the Solution Explorer window and choose Publish ADX Project in the project context menu (you can also find the same menu item in the Project menu in Visual Studio).

This opens the Publish dialog. Switch to the ClickOnce deployment tab.

Step 4. Select the new version

In the Version dropdown list, select the new version.

Step 6. Publish the new version

Go to Step 5 of Deploying per-user Office extensions via ClickOnce to see how to publish your new version.

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