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Redeploying Office extensions via ClickTwice

This is the final part of the series that describes all possible ways of deploying your Add-in Express-based Office extensions. I recommend that you begin from the very beginning: Step-by-step deployment of Office extensions: Overview. Or, if you are interested only in ClickTwice :) deployment, you can start right away with Deploying Office extensions via ClickTwice :).

Every Add-in Express module provides the IsMSINetworkDeployed method, which returns True if your Office extension was installed via ClickTwice. Then you can use the CheckForMSIUpdates method in your project code to check if anyupdates are available. CheckForMSIUpdates returns:

You can find a code sample that checks for updates in this article: Add-in Express MSI Based Web deployment: Managing updates, part 3

Step 1. Increase the version number

Increase the version number in the Version property of your setup project.

Version property

Step 2. Build your setup project

Just build the setup project.

Step 3. Open the Publish dialog

Select your project in the Solution Explorer window and choose Publish ADX Project in the project context menu.

Publish ADX Project menu item

In the Publish dialog, switch to the MSI-based web deployment tab.

Publish dialog

Step 4. Browse for the new .MSI package

Specify the new .MSI file in the Installer file field. The wizard reads some general info about the .MSI and fills in the fields in the upper part of the dialog.

Publish dialog

Step 5. Publish the new version

Go to Step 4 of Deploying Office extensions via ClickTwice to see how to publish your new version.

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