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Get insight of Outlook event chains with Events Add-in for Outlook

Every developer who writes Outlook plug-ins must know the Outlook Object Model to a greater or lesser extent. And what is of the highest importance in the Outlook object model as well as in that of any other host app? It is undoubtedly their events. Today we will try to help you gain understanding of how the Outlook event model works and what event chains are raised at one or another action of the user.

When we started to develop this Outlook plug-in we thought all would go quickly and smoothly, without a hitch.  But… it turned out not so easy, mainly because of an enormous number of Outlook events. I surely knew there are a lot of them, but I believed they are fewer than a hundred. But it proved there are far more of them.

See all Outlook events as they happen

Just install this free plug-in into your Outlook to have all events raised during Outlook operation at your fingertips. You can filter events by groups; for example, see only those event chains that are fired by Outlook Explorer, Inspector, Folder, Outlook item etc.

Events Add-in for Outlook

In short, grab this add-in, play with it and don’t hesitate to let us know if something is missing in the sample.

Source code is included. There is no much of it, nearly the whole code blindly logs messages into the embedded log window.

What else is needed in the add-in? What did we omit? Your comments are most welcome and will be highly appreciated!

Updated: The release version of Events Add-in for Outlook is now available. Please see Events Add-in for Outlook – Release version

Last updated: 01-July-2010

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