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Video: Outlook context sensitivity

A couple of weeks ago, Pieter wrote a great post that explains how to use context sensitivity when customizing the Outlook user interface. Context sensitivity allows you to dynamically change the user interface depending upon what the user is doing within Outlook. For example, if the user is viewing their contacts folder, you can display a custom ribbon that includes your custom logic that makes maintaining your contact list super awesome and pain-free.

Speaking of pain-free, this is what Add-in Express does for context sensitivity. Making your Outlook add-ins “context aware” is a pain-free endeavor. In fact, you don’t need to write code to do it. In typical,¬†Add-in Express fashion, it can be done by configuring a few properties in your add-in’s Visual Studio project.

This video briefly repeats what I just told you in the previous paragraphs and then moves on to some rockin’ demos. Enjoy!

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