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Office 365 Newswire: Office 365 email limits have been raised – 2.3.2012

From what I gather, Office 365 is doing okay. I make this judgment solely on the basis of the content of today’s Office 365 Newswire. There is an abundance of useful content. Sure, we almost always have great editorial content.

But this week, I found it particularly easy to find good content for the T&T&T section as well as the Developer and IT Admin section. The hard part was deciding which items where "the best of the best” and thus newswire-worthy. And the job is now complete, so…

Office 365 Microphone

I present to you… today’s Office 365, “can’t miss”, Newswire

Office 365 news!

  • Why I think Office 365 is not (yet) ready :: I don’t know if I agree (actually I don’t) but this is a real “hot sports” opinion. I like opinions and people who are willing to offer them. It takes real guts these days, which is too bad. In this article, the author explains his measurement criteria and then provides his analysis. This article is at the top for a reason.
  • Due to numerous complaints, Office 365 email limits have been raised :: In this case complaints are referred to by their alias… “feedback”. BTW – can anyone tell me (without Googling or Binging it) what successful band was originally known as Feedback?
  • Fortune 100 services for $6 a month? :: We have been all over the news regarding the adoption of Office 365 by small businesses. This post is published on a Microsoft website but it was written by a Microsoft Partner. In it, he offers his thoughts on cloud computing and its (positive) impact on small businesses… including his.
  • Office 365 inspires companywide culture shift :: Straight from the Microsoft propaganda marketing machine. This item is a case study of how Underwriters Laboratories saved 50% on unified communication & collaboration costs alone. There are some good quotes from real people too.
  • Better together: Office 365 + Windows Phone :: I don’t like titles like this one because I believe they infer that, apart, these two products stink. And rest assured they don’t stink. Don’t snicker. The Windows Phone will ultimately be a success. Just watch. In the meantime, read Paul Thurrot’s thoughts on the super-hero combination of Office 365 + Windows Phone. Here, he points out the benefits and goes the extra mile by explaining how to configure your Windows Phone to work with Office 365.
  • Is the media underestimating Steve Ballmer? :: Mr. Ballmer has been the focus of several articles lately. This is a short but poignant blog post regarding the Microsoft CEO. Read this article and then read Microsoft, Apple, & Google: where does the money come from? After reading both, ask yourself, “Does my opinion of Mr. Ballmer, align with reality?”

Office 365 tips, tricks & tools

  • Migrate PST data to Office 365 :: Building stuff is my first love but I know my way around the IT Admin world. As a result, items like this one capture my attention. Tony Redmond explains how to move your PST data to an Office 365 archive mailbox.
  • How to share your Office 365 calendar to external users :: File this topic under, “things that are more difficult than they should be”. Here is the Office 365 way to share your calendar to those external to your organization. It still doesn’t solve the problem of letting my wife see my calendar on her iPhone (and yes, I know what I said previously about the Windows Phone!).
  • Download the Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises :: Go ahead it won’t hurt you. I did it. But I have a meeting this morning to discuss this very topic. I need to look smart.
  • In-person Office 365 deployment training dates :: Looking for some Office 365 training? Do your prefer in-person teaching versus staring at the screen, reading articles? Check here to see if in-person training is coming to your area.
  • How to connect Outlook 2011 for Mac to Exchange Online :: Simple, to-the-point, tutorial explaining how to make it happen.
  • Office 365 video tour for enterprise clients :: A gaggle of Microsoft-produced videos explaining Office 365. It is targeted to the Enterprise crowd… meaning it covers the higher-end plans. It also means the videos cover all the features. If you are small biz, you might be interested as well… but then again, you might not.

Office 365 developer & IT admin items of note

We have a mix of IT Admin and Developer items for your perusal this morning. Enjoy.

  • Using jQuery with SharePoint Online :: Yet another well-received tutorial by our own Pieter. Here, he shows how to make a few good things happen in SharePoint using the jQuery library. He shows how to build a web part and then explains how to deploy the solution to Office 365. Solid.
  • Office 365 architectural considerations :: I meant to include this item last week but somehow neglected to do so. This item was written by someone at AvePoint but it is found on CodeProject.com. It’s good as it raises issues you should consider when developing with Office 365. Issues like functionality limitations, storage limitations, customization limitations, workloads, and more.
  • SharePoint Online in a hybrid environment :: This is a great post that fully explains what a hybrid environment is and the key issues involved. Read this and then bookmark it for later reference. The article is filled with helpful links.
  • Creating custom SharePoint site templates for the cloud (video) :: 5.17 minutes of knowledge transfer!

Cutting room floor

I have more but I have lost my will to comment. Here are a few more items you might find interesting.

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