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Office 365 Newswire: Google’s QuickOffice could pressure Office 365 – 6.15.2012

It’s been a few weeks since I discussed my son’s 3rd grade (technically, they are 4th graders now) baseball team. I have coached this team for 3 years. I don’t recall our record in year 1 but it was not a winning record. Last year, we went 3-12 and barely escaped last place. Despite the losses, we had a blast playing baseball and we focused on learning the game.

This year we have seen the payoff. The Knights turned it around in a big way and went 12-3. We ended the season as the runner-up by 0.5 games. The first place team’s record is 11.5-2.5. Card 02They tied one game. What’s killing me is the first place team, the Tigers, had their last game cancelled. If they had lost that game, the Knights would have been the winner. To make the pain worse, the Tigers were facing a team that had defeated them previously. Brutal.

No doubt there is a life lesson in this. I’ll find it and pass it on to the boys when we play our first playoff game… today! This weekend will be filled with baseball and it will be glorious!

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  • Pieter van der Westhuizen says:

    Office 365 going live in South Africa on June 25th is great news! And about time :)

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