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Office 2013 User’s Guide: questions and answers

The floodgates have opened… The Office 2013 Consumer Preview is upon us and with it. Anyone and everyone that rides rides in the wake of Microsoft is writing about it.

Journalists, hobbyists, MVPs, developers, stock analysts… and well, Microsoft have done the equivalent of a White House Friday data dump. Except here, the information is almost all good stuff and I’ve had most of the week to sift through. I started with Tuesday’s Office 2013 Special Edition Newswire and I’ve started breaking it down.

The fact is, there’s just too much to cover. So… we’ll take it a bit at a time and cover some major areas like users, developers, & IT pros for Office and SharePoint alike. We might even cover small businesses.

Microsoft introduces Office 2013

Once done, I’ll start digging in to the biggest new features. Of course, I’ll have a bias toward developer content. But I’m a user too so I’ll have plenty of good content and opinions for user’s too.

As for today, we’ll do something new and different… Well, here is:

Questions and Answers Guide for Office 2013 User

There is a lot of content here. You might want to use something like Pocket or InstaPaper if you are short for time:

What is Office 2013?

I present to you some of the better articles I found that attempt to cover the entire Office 2013 application suite. I’ll comment when I feel like it.

What’s the deal with Office Customer Preview?

  • Office Customer Preview FAQ :: Lots of answers to questions I didn’t think to ask. That’s because I’m most interested in the developer stuff. But these are good things to know too.

What are the significant new features of Office 2013?

It’s fun to see what people think are the best new features. Here are a few opinions.

I want to see what it looks like but I don’t want to install, can you help me out?

Oh yes… yes I can. There is more than enough content here. The good writers at ars technica really knocked the ball out of the park.

What does the Cloud have to do with Office 2013?

The lines are blurring between the desktop and the cloud. Windows 8 will only hasten the situation. From what I’m ready and have experienced myself, it makes Office better.

What’s this I hear about streaming Office?

It’s called Click To Run (CTR) and it’s pretty darn cool. I’ve installed both the .msi version and the CTR version. I think CTR is slick… especially because I could start using it within minutes of starting the install.

Are the Office Web Applications actually usable now?

Uh… maybe. I think the web apps are great in a pinch when you need to make minor modification. But, in my opinion, nothing beats the desktop experience. I’m sure this will change in the future.

Where I can download the Office 2013 goodies?

Does Office 2013 support touch?

Yes it does. It’s pretty cool where it works. But it also supports the desktop. So… this leaves Office straddling the fence a bit. If you know what to expect and how MSFT designed it, you will be less frustrated. Is their support of Touch enough? I don’t think so. It’s good but I wish they had been more aggressive and I’ll provide details later.

Does Office 2013 support Windows 8 Metro?

Should I skip this version or should I get ready to upgrade?

Who was left out of the Office 2013 fun?

Is this all there is or should I expect more?

Holy Cow! That’s a lot of info. See you early next week when I cover the Office 2013 for Developers.


  • Eric Legault says:

    Wow, good job Ty! I need a vacation to digest all this!

  • Arismawan says:

    how to change the paper size in excel, for example a 215 mm x 330 mm ?

  • Dmitry Kostochko (Add-in Express Team) says:

    Hi Arismawan,

    There is no way to specify custom page size in Excel. You can only choose from the list of predefined page sizes supported by Excel. For example in Excel 2013 you can select the paper size under File -> Print. Or you can use the following values to change the size programmatically:

  • Dorin says:

    Why is it in the sent item there will be more than 3 email that will appear even thou i sent only one email? sometime it will appear until 5 same email…

  • Dmitry Kostochko (Add-in Express Team) says:

    Hi Dorin,

    I can conjecture that this bahavior may be caused by executing some code, for example if you have installed an Outlook add-in that sends personal emails or VBA code or probably an Outlook rule. Please check this out.

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