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Video: Version neutrality for Office extensions, from Office 2000 to 2013

I have three kids of differing ages and sex. They are alike and yet so very different. Providing for their wants and needs on a daily basis is a challenge. For example, what I typically think is an easy decision (an afternoon snack) isn’t so easy when my kiddos are involved. Each wants something different which requires me to do my best impression of a short-order cook.

Developing add-ins for Microsoft Office can be a lot like handling my kiddos. Like my kids, not all versions of Office are the same age. Like my kids, each Office application is different from the others. Like my kids, providing something for Office applications to “eat” in the form of an Add-in requires a certain coding dexterity and force of will…especially if you need or want to support several versions of Office and Office applications. Fortunately for all of Office developer-types, Add-in Express provides something known as Version Neutrality.

Watch this video to find out just what it means.

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