Ty Anderson

Video: Add-in Express visual designers – skip coding your custom Office components, simply draw them!

If we only compare building of Office solutions to building buildings, we’ll see that the fun part is the stuff you can see like the doors and the windows, the façade and the paint – all the things that are visually appealing, the things that your users notice. The less desirable part of buildings is the stuff you don’t see, perhaps the plumbing.

Someone has to do the dirty work of connecting your buildings or your solutions to the infrastructure of the city, which in our case is the Microsoft Office. In Office development, this means you need to write the code to create custom toolbars, menus, ribbons, form regions, task panes, etc. It also means you have to write the code to bind your toolbars, menus, regions and form regions to their property context within Office. But what if you can simply draw or design these components and have the required plumbing code created for you as you complete your designs? This “what if” situation becomes a reality if you use Add-in Express, this is because Add-in Express includes visual designers for the most popular components utilized by the Office developers.

The video was created especially for the Add-in Express feature tour, hope you will enjoy it!

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