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Office Newswire: on-premises or cloud software makes better business sense?

I realize not everyone is a baseball fan. I don’t understand it but I realize this is a fact. But come late September and October, I don’t care if you are not a fan. I am and it is constantly on my brain. Especially this year. This year my beloved A’s are fighting for a spot in the playoffs. They might even win their division!

Athletics Cap

The A’s were expected to finish last. But their 14 rookies (out of 25 on the team), don’t know any better. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Eight games remain before the playoffs. I’ll keep you posted.

But don’t worry. I can type while I watch. The Newswire will be here no matter what transpires.

Office news & editorials!

  • Microsoft taking big gamble with Windows and Office: Gartner :: After the “lost decade”, we should expect it. Risks are exciting. Not everyone likes them but you can’t grow without taking them. I mean, you can’t stay on Windows XP forever. I loaded Windows 8 onto my macbook. I love it. I’ve officially moved from hating Windows 8 to think it’s great. It’s fast, easy to use, and fun.
  • The death of version numbers :: Paul Thurrot opines on the trend to de-emphasize product version numbers. He doesn’t say this but I think it has something to do with the on-going move to the cloud. In the cloud, we will most likely always have the current version. Version numbers won’t matter as much then.
  • Does dumping on-premises software make good business sense? :: It does if you are tired of keeping track of product versions.
  • Demand management, now with SharePoint Designer :: This article caught my attention as it deals with proposals and project management; two topics near to my heart. Notice I didn’t say near and dear. This article shows how to handle demand management with Project Server, workflow, and SharePoint designer. What is demand management you ask? Read on my friend. Read on.
  • Microsoft’s rebirth: How Ballmer’s plan to rebuild the company is crossgrain to its past :: I have never heard the term crossgrain until today. Already I have learned something. This article contains some quotes from Bill Gates and uses them to shine a light on MSFT’s evolutionary path.
  • Bringing touch editing to Office Web Apps on Windows 8 and iOS tablets :: It’s going to take a few more releases but MSFT has every intents and purpose of making Office a touch application. This article presents how the new Office’s (notice I didn’t say Office 2013… versions number are so passe) Web Apps support touch.

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