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Office Newswire – 11.18.2011

This post starts with a mind map…a diagram that attempts to document what went through a person’s mind as they brainstormed or went through a series of tasks. In this case, the mind map is from one of my favorite blogs which typically covers the sport of baseball. Below, is how the writer for this blog spent 4 hours recently surfing the Internet.

Mind map

I have a couple of thoughts regarding this mind map:

  1. How is it he arrived at Dusty Springfield given where he started?
  2. Just think if he had MindJet’s new product for SharePoint…Mindjet Connect SP?

That’s right, I’m using this mind map to segue into today’s Office Newswire…we’ll take them one at a time. I hope you’ve had some caffeine because I’ll move fast:


  • Mindjet Connect SP: I know several people that love mind mapping software. Personally, I like pen and paper. I don’t need software mapping my mind. I recommend watching this demo video to learn what Mindjet has thrown into the wild. What I like is how the tool can be used to build and present relationships between documents and other artifacts in SharePoint no matter where they reside. It reminds of the long defunct K-Map tool from Correlate. You can read thorough review of the product here.
  • Fake Office Tool Hides Worm: The major news outlets have let us know about a sneaky and nefarious tool that disguises itself as Office Genuine Advantage (which was retired in 2010). If you install it, it will open your system to all kinds of badness. Click the link to learn the details.
  • Office for Tablets?: Build came and went and we have preview version meant for developers. Typically, where Windows leads, Office follows…sooooo where is the Office version for tablets? Click the link to read how the New York Times wonders aloud as to Mr. Ballmer’s strategy.
  • How to Migrate Files to SharePoint 2010: This topic is near and dear to me. SharePoint 2010 isn’t new but it is still new to lots of organizations. The truth is many companies are just now finding the emotional fortitude required to tackle the transition to SharePoint 2010…I’m not speaking of upgrading from earlier versions. This article discusses how to load documents from sources outside SharePoint into SharePoint 2010. If this is your situation, this article is good read and will let you know just how steep a climb you have ahead.
  • Deploying WSPs as Part of An Automated Build: This is discusses how to automate deployment of a SharePoint solution file (.wsp) as part of a continuous build process with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

Tools & Resources

  • Scrum Template for SharePoint: This is a free SharePoint template available at codeplex.com. From the looks of it, it does indeed turn SharePoint into your own Scrum Master. There is even a video in the documentation section. I took a peak at the discussion section and it looks like some people have had problems getting it to work. Still, if you use Scrum as your development methodology, this could be worth a download. If it works…awesome. If not, you are only out your time.
  • Microsoft Guides to Office Development: These guides are not new but they are an essential reference for Office developers. I am including it here because this is the first Office Newswire and I want it here for reference and posterity. Microsoft does a good job of keeping these guides up-to-date. They are good starting point for lots of Office-based development effort (although I think here at ADX we take it even further by providing deeper, real-world examples via our blog).

That’s it. Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend.

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