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Holy Embrace of other platforms Batman!  This is the news we’ve been waiting for!

Bill Gates has said over and over that Office is a development platform, and he has always been correct. But, as technology has progressed, Office has remained largely the same (as a desktop productivity suite and a development platform). Sure, the Office team has embraced the web with the Office web apps and the Apps for Office model. But, they were tied to a Windows first strategy. No longer.

Satya Nadella is sincere when he says Cloud First, Mobile First. But how does this even make sense? How can two things both be first? I’ll leave that explanation to the MSFT CEO. It’s why he earns the big bucks. My explanation is 1000 words summed-up in the following illustration:

Cloud First Mobile

Okay, I’ve rambled-on long enough. Let’s get to the major news items of the last few weeks.

The Microsoft MOJO is upon us.

We’ve seen hints of the MOJO’s return. I’ve discussed it before and I’ll say it again…

Microsoft is a software company!
They are not a Windows company. Yeah sure, Windows is my primary OS. But, I use OS X as well and I’m beginning to dabble with iOS and Android (via Xamarin). It’s great to see MSFT show signs of "getting it" and that Mr. Nadella is giving free reign to the Developer Division to build tools for "developers, developers, developers!"

Sometimes change is good, even if it should have happened sooner. I’m very interested to see how Mr. Ballmer does with the LA Clippies in the coming years.

I love the above creativity and the irony. Here is the full history of the joke.


The Office 365 APIs go GA GA

GA…as in Generally Available… ready for use in production environments. From what I’m seeing, Microsoft has made the investment to enable us to start using them (aka lots of code samples).

You know what, NON-Windows platforms are not so evil after all

As it turns out, darn near everyone is using a non-Windows OS (or two).

Major Office news? Queue the Google Docs comparisons

MSFT news grab bag

A handful of links worth including that didn’t fit under any of the above headings.

That’s it and that’s all.

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