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Office Newswire: Is it fair to call Steve Ballmer the worst American CEO? – 5.16.2012

We have reached an official “lull”. Type “define: lull” into Google and you will see:


I agree there is a calm so calm I’m tempted to sleep (it is early morning after all and the caffeine drip has only just begun). But I don’t think this lull is typical because it lacks both soothing sounds and soothing movements.

The fact is, this week there just isn’t much news regarding Microsoft Office. I blame Facebook and their impending IPO. I also blame the ex-CEO of Yahoo. I also blame Josh Hamilton is his insane hitting during last week!

Add of this up and it’s a slow news week. A “lull” if you will. But fear not! I do not use this “lull” as an excuse. Today’s Office Newswire is filled with great content. To make this a true lull, may I suggest you enjoy some soothing sounds from the 70s. If it makes you dance, then you’ll have the movements too.

Office news & editorials!

  • Sharing SharePoint 15’s spicy specs :: Some scattershooting from RedmondMag.com. Nothing new but some decent speculating.
  • Steve Ballmer named worst CEO – Microsoft executive tops Forbes’ list :: The title is pure link bait but it worked. I read it. I find it hard to believe he is the worst CEO of all publicly traded American companies. Microsoft has grown considerably under his leadership. Forbes loses some credibility in my book by publishing this. Ballmer is not my favorite. He’s made plenty of mistakes. I miss Bill Gates and look forward to Steven Sinofsky taking the reign. Is it fair to call Ballmer the worst American CEO? I’d love to know what you think.
  • Why Microsoft is being left in the dust :: Yes, Microsoft is eating dust in the consumer market. If the current trend continues, MSFT is in some trouble. But, businesses rely on MSFT every day. I don’t think the situation is as simple as this article’s title states. Still, he makes some good points regarding Microsoft lack of innovation in recent years.

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