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Office Newswire: a glimpse of Office 2013 on Windows RT tablet – 6.13.2012

With Microsoft’s Tech Ed, and Apple’s WWDC going on, this week is proving to be a news bonanza! The keynotes for these events are always worth your attention given their marque status. In case you missed them, you can watch them at your leisure:

This is a busy job I have here keeping up with Office, Office 15, Office 2013 RT, Office for iPad, and Office 365… It’s an exciting job too.

A good number of my news sources seem to think Microsoft will provide us with betas of Office and SharePoint as early as this month. Many thought the beta release would coincide with Tech Ed. So far, that is not the case but the week is not over. I’m licking my chops because when the beta hits, we (the Add-in Express team) will tear it apart and give you our insights and opinions regarding the new features and development scenarios.

For now, we’ll try to glean what we can from what Microsoft reveals to us and from what they don’t tell us. It’ll be fun.

All the news this week is placing a strain on my Newswire filters. But good has already come of it. The New York Times claims they include “All the news that fit to print.” Well, I have a new tagline for the Office Newswire:

“More news than you can shake a stick at.”

I know the tag line ends with a preposition. I view it as a tribute to my West Texas roots.

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