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Office Newswire: The mile-high view of Office 15 – 5.30.2011

I keep hearing how the Facebook IPO was a failure. Depending on your viewpoint that might be true. For example if you purchased a significant number of shares at $38… I wager you are feeling a bit “zucked”. I love it when new expressions are coined like this. “Zucked” is brilliant.

Despite all the hub bub, I don’t think the Facebook IPO was a failure. The purpose of an IPO is to raise capital. Based on my calculations, Facebook raised over $16 Billion. Holy Cow! I don’t care who you are, if you raise $16 Billion in your IPO, it was a success.

As for me, I think, initially the IPO was a success. But, with buckets of money, come buckets of expectations. You can quote me on that. As Mr. Zuckerberg is mostly likely well aware… Facebook must now produce results quarterly. Nothing but growth will do. For inspiration, he should turn to MSFT. In the meantime, check your Facebook privacy settings!

BTW #1, the SharePoint Conference 2012 is now accepting your registration.

BTW #2, I feel like I did some of my best writing today in recent memory…so please be sure to read it all. Good stuff awaits you! I credit 8 hours of sleep, a glass of wine, and my son hitting a double in last nights ball game (which they won 14-10).

Office news & editorials!

  • Office 15: The mile-high view :: Great article. As Mr. Thurrot asks, in this post-PC era, should Microsoft push Office over Windows? Should the best Office features be kept exclusive to Windows? This article leads today’s newswire for a reason.
  • This is why your company won’t ditch Microsoft for Apple :: Apple is loved by consumers but is not trusted by the enterprise. I will not further spoil this solid piece of thinking and writing.
  • Why Office for the iPad and Android makes sense :: I’ll tell you why it does… paying customers… that’s why. But if you want the detailed pros and cons, click and read my friend… click and read!
  • Huddle snags $24M, aims at SharePoint :: $24 Million is a lot of money to me. I bet it is to you too, dear reader. However, I dare say, it will take a bigger pile of money than this to tackle SharePoint.
  • EU Cookie Law & SharePoint :: I wonder what would happen if a country’s government met and tried to reduce the number of laws on the books. What would that look like? Until that happens, we must deal with things like this EU Cookie law. I have nothing against cookies myself… chocolate chip, snicker doodle, or web browser. I prefer them over things like asparagus… which I ate last night to the surprise of my wife. I still think it will kill despite evidence to the contrary.

Office tips, tricks & tools

  • How to Use Microsoft Word as a desktop publishing tool :: Wait, isn’t Word already a publishing tool? I use it sometimes to write the newswire. What’s that you say? InDesign? I think I’ve heard of it. From what I remember it is expensive and is a tool for designers… not writers. What? You mean I can do “designer” tasks like drop caps & pull quotes within Word? Sign me up and call me a designer!
  • [Webinar] Our favorite Office timesavers :: Despite my misgivings about the number, this time it contains 13 time saving tips. She had me with the Ctrl + keyboard shortcut. Jen Singer (the author) knows the finer things in life.
  • Bulk tagging in SharePoint 2010 :: Yep, bound to be useful to you now or in the future.
  • How do I – Add an approval workflow to my SharePoint list :: The most popular (at least in my experience) workflow is easy to implement. Just click, click, click, click, type something, and click some more. This is an office trick akin to Pick A Card. It’s amazing until everyone knows how you did it.

Office developer items of note

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