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Office Newswire: Microsoft, burn the boats already!

It’s one of my favorite stories. The infamous (I know too much Mexican history to call him great) Hernando Cortes left Cuba for Mexico to build a colony. He was mischievous and he plannCortez and La Malincheed to do more than build a colony. The short story is he landed in Veracruz (True Cross in English) and, when all his men and their supplies were off the ship, he ordered the ships be burned.

There was no turning back. Success lied in the new and wild country before them.

Microsoft is in a similar situation. They find themselves in an entirely new and foreign landscape.

The successes of their past will not help them here. The demands are new. The language is different. People here do not work as they do in the old country of their past.

Microsoft must find it within themselves to match wits with their enemies and succeed.

Most of all, they need to do this while not killing their customers. To me, this means embracing all platforms and devices. Because, face it, a large percentage of MSFT customers use multiple operating systems every day.

It’s time to burn the boats. It’s a new world of work.

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