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Office Alarm – Office Live Add-in and Word 2003

Strange things mentioned in my previous post continue to happen. To the bug successfully fixed in the Office Live Add-in on Excel 2007, there’s added a nasty and so far no-solution problem with the same add-in, this time on Word 2003.

Why does Office Live Add-in replace my menu on Word 2003?

My add-in creates a new item in the main menu of Word 2003. Here’s how it looks like – see My Menu Item in the picture below:

Custom menu item after 1st start of Word

After the first start of the add-in all was fine. The second start of Word, however, made me strain myself, rub my eyes and open them again – just have a look at My Menu Item in this picture:

Custom menu item after 2nd start of Word

It took me some time to understand what’s going on before I gathered wits to switch off the Office Live Add-in. We found out that the framework on which the add-in is written doesn’t matter at all, whether it be an Add-in Express based add-in or a “plain shared add-in” (I need to remember this phrase) or a VSTO-based add-in.


For the moment, the only solution is to disable the Office Live Add-in.

Applies to

The problem occurs only on Word 2003 (all service packs and updates installed) with Office Live Add-in Update 1.3 installed (OLConnector.dll version is 2.0.2313.0).

What about Add-in Express?

We are yet to find a decent workaround.

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