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Office Newswire: Microsoft Office for iPad sounds a lot like Office for WOA tablets – 2.22.2012

I don't want to say it. I really don't. But something is coming over me and… well… here it is…

I TOLD YOU SO!!!Office for iPad

I know. Nobody likes a braggart.
Please understand that I'm not bragging.
I'm only pointing out the fact that I was correct, that is all.

Yesterday, TheDaily.com ran a story stating Microsoft will soon send Office for iPad to the Apple App Store. Microsoft quickly released a statement that they claim is a denial. But Mary Jo Foley speaks Redmondian and parses the Microsoft denial.

Of course, I stated way back in December that Microsoft would release a version for the iPad. I don't think I was going out on a limb. There are loads of smart people at Microsoft and they know that having their software run on devices of all shapes and sizes is a good thing.

And now that Windows is no longer THE cash cow at Microsoft, I believe that what's good for Microsoft Office is good for Microsoft. Windows will need to sit on the passenger side and help navigate from here but Office is the driver now.

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