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Office 365 Newswire: Tablet Outlook 2012 – what’s expected from Apple, Google, Microsoft – 5.11.2012

There are two types of people in this world.
…those who keep their desk clean and clutter less.

…those who clutter their desk with paper, cups, magazines, task lists, books, coffee cups, baseballs, and caps.

I am firmly in the “messy-desk” category. I leave stacks and stacks of stuff on my desk so as to remind me I need to work on the stuff. If I put it away, it might be a year or two before I remember I was supposed to do something with it. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life so I litter my desk with the remnants of my mind. It’s like extra RAM. If it’s on my desk, it’s “in-memory” and I’ll give some attention soon.

This is what my desk looks like this morning as type today’s Office 365 Newswire.

Ty's desk

Office 365 news & editorials!

  • Comparing features in SharePoint Online across Office 365 Service Plans :: I went searching for a decent comparison this past week and found a pretty good one. This grid lays it all out… by plan… by feature… what’s included… what’s not. Bookmark this one.
  • Tablet Outlook 2012: What’s expected from Apple, Google, Microsoft :: Lions and Tigers and Tablets… oh my! There is going to be an onslaught of new tablets in the very near future. C’mon Mr. Ballmer, let’s make sure there is an Office version for each of ’em!
  • EU Cookie Law & SharePoint – What’s affected? :: The European Union has a new law intended to help protect the privacy of its citizens. That’s great. Privacy is good. But I have a question, if you are browsing on the Internet and no-one can track you… how will Google serve you any ads?
  • Why Microsoft’s anti-iPad strategy will backfire :: You don’t really need to read this one if you don’t want to. I can answer it for you. It will backfire because the entire world loves the device. Microsoft should embrace the iPad and other devices… put Office on anything with an operating system. I am sure the writer of this article reads the same news I do and his interpretation of it is different than mine. That is what makes this world so great. If we all held the same opinions we’d become really bored, really quickly.
  • Microsoft Office 365: Five overlooked ways for VARs to profit :: Office 365 has changed the game but… the fundamentals remain the same. Clients still need consulting help in the form of planning, implementation, and operational support. Plus Microsoft pays commission for Office 365 sales.

Office 365 score keeping

This week, there were not a lot Google vs. Microsoft reports but there was one and it is a good article. It was enough to display the score board this week.

Office 365 Newswire ScoreBoard

Office 365 tips, tricks & tools

Office 365 developer items of note

Cutting room floor

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