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Office Newswire: Are Office 2013 licensing terms draconian?

Marrisa Mayer at Yahoo orders all remote employees to either grab a desk at the office or lose their job. The press is mixed but generally praises this decision and calls it brave.

Microsoft tells customers to start renting Office via Office 365 or purchase a severely limited perpetual license. The press hates this decision, calls it draconian, and tells us everyone will switch to Google Docs.

You gotta love the drama that is tech journalism. I know I do. Meanwhile, I’m celebrating Office 2013 GA by taking an early Spring Break with the family. It’s good to get away. But don’t think for second I’m gone. This is the Interweb! I can be anywhere and still be here.

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  • William Childress says:

    I might like Office 2013 as well, but the licensing agreement turns me off before the first trial. I am the enthusiast where many local folks and small businesses seek advice. My recommendation is to hold on to what they have and start testing alternatives. Snow balls start out small, but can grow enormous rolling down a hill. Negative attitudes can surely make their way into larger business environments. Microsoft was asleep and missed the shift to touchscreen tablets and is late to the game. They really do not need to keep shooting themselves in the foot. I am a long time PC enthusiast that is growing increasing weary of Microsoft.

  • Ty Anderson says:

    Hi William,

    Thanks for you comments. I’m not sure I like the changes to perpetual licensing either. But, Office 365 just might win in a comparison of total cost of ownership.
    The great Mary Jo Foley has the price comparison here:

    Granted, Office 365 only wins if Microsoft releases major updates more than once every 3 years. The rumors, this is exactly what MSFT plans to do:


    I know there are several Office alternatives but I don’t think they hold a candle to market leader. If all you need is basic document creation and editing tools, sure…the alternatives are more than adequate. But, if you are looking for a solid, integrated business platform, Office is the best game in town.
    Just my opinion.

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