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Office Newswire: A new year. A new Microsoft?

It’s a new year and with it comes a wee-bit of introspection and planning. Most years, I make a few resolutions, or goals. This year will be no different. I have not finalized them yet but I will do so by January 31.

I can say that I will master this JavaScript + (Office or SharePoint) stuff. Office 2013 general availability is due this quarter. I hope the Office store will prove to be a success. I’m under no illusions though. Success will come slowly.

Another resolution is to build real products too. I have a few ideas that need to be brought to market. I’ve already started. I expect you to hold my feet to the fire.

I’m interested to know what resolutions an Office or SharePoint developer should make. Don’t stay stuck in your introverted shell. I’m really interested. Will you leave a comment and let me know what you plan for 2013?

Office news & editorials!

  • A new year, a new Microsoft roadmap: Stepping up the delivery pace :: Here is some palace intrigue. The editorial is based on an old/stale PowerPoint slide but that doesn’t prevent it from being interesting. If it can be trusted, looks like the Office 16 is planned for 2015.
  • Are you a SharePoint developer moving to Apps? You’re a moron! :: Let’s start 2013 with a strong opinion. The title is more of a teaser than it is a spoiler. In fact, I think Mr. Furuknap is only getting started.
  • What’s better for today’s businesses: Google Apps or Microsoft Office? :: I kept up with the Office-related news during the holidays. I can’t help myself. I’m a news junkie. There was a plethora of news items covering Google Apps vs Microsoft Office. It seems to me the tech press is just likely to root against MSFT. Seriously, Google Apps is crap. I speak from experience. This hullabaloo about Google taking 90% of the Office suite market is funny. It’s bluster meant to gain press… and it works. I have more to say but read this item first then move to the next one.
  • Microsoft can’t ignore Google Apps forever :: It is inevitable that Microsoft Office will lose market share. Google Apps costs $50/user… Office 365 costs $72 per user. Many people base their purchase decisions on price and price alone. Value doesn’t enter the equation. Nor does integration, extensibility, user experience, quality of the product, etc… . Value. Besides, even Google doesn’t use Google Apps. Google goes after Office only to hurt MSFT. You can’t convince me they are serious. Not yet at least.

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  • Dennis Wallentin says:

    Always nice to read entries here :-)

    Here is my todo-list for 2013:

    – Add-in: to handle attachments etc in Excel for Lotus Notes
    – Add-in: An advanced and different add-ins tool

    Now the US$ 1.00 question: which tool will I use to develop with?

    All the best,

  • Ty Anderson says:

    Thanks Dennis!

    I have hunch on which development tools you might use :-)

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