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Office Newswire: Can Microsoft Office 2013 become a cash cow for developers?

I think the news coverage surrounding Office 2013 is setting a record. I don’t remember this much news for previous releases. No, it has nothing to do with my age thank you very much. I think it has something to do with the overall level of expectation and enthusiasm regarding the upcoming release. Call it the E&E factor… I don’t know. We gotta call it something so I’ll go with that for now.

Given the information onslaught, we will pace ourselves. I might select a topic each week and cover it in detail while ignoring others. We’ll see. There is just a ton to cover and it will be fun to go through it together.

It will be a journey. In the meantime, enjoy today’s doodle. Can you guess which news item inspired it?

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Microsoft's Cash Cow

  • The new SharePoint :: Starting things off today is an item from the official SharePoint team blog. This is a lengthy post that is worth your time. There are several insights here from the team. There are even better comments from those who use SharePoint. There is a bit of controversy regarding the SkyDrive Pro.
  • Midsize Insider: Can Microsoft Office 2013 become a cash cow for Microsoft :: Who Cares? The Question is – can Office 2013 (and SharePoint 2013 along with it) become a cash cow for developers? That’s the real question. The article is terrible… especially the opening paragraph where the author explains who Microsoft is. It was written for IBM so I shouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know why I’m including it but I am.
  • Microsoft has 99 problems, but Office ain’t one :: Funny headline and good investor analysis of MSFT.
  • Office 2013 brings BI, Big Data to Windows 8 tablets :: What was missing with the first wave of Office 2013 coverage? Well, besides an announcement of Office iOS? That’s right, Business Intelligence. MSFT continues to invest in BI tools. Excel keeps getting better in this area.
  • Why you’re still stuck using Microsoft Office :: Is it love or is it the laws of physics? I like to include articles like these because their comments are always… shall I say… “enthusiastic”?
  • Outlook and PowerPoint for iOS spotted in Microsoft job postings :: This is some good sleuthing. This gives me hope that 1) my hunch is correct and 2) MSFT is indeed a software company… not only a Windows software company. It’s just a matter of time. We’ll have Office for iOS soon enough. The question really is… will we do anything with it besides read documents?

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Be sure and check back Friday for our in-depth Office 2013 Developer Guide.

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  • XL-Dennis says:

    Thanks for the flood of new/old stuff.

    Office 2013 is a version to invest some time in. Apps for Office 2013 is both attractive and clever, JavaScript/HTML5/CSS. Improved BI tools in Excel, new functions and improved built-in tools.

    I think we will be quite busy to get all the news turned into better solutions.

    Well done and I’m looking to get my hands on next version of my favorite RAD Tools. I guess I don’t need to spell out which I mean ;-)

    Kind regards,

  • Eugene Starostin says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for the heads-up! Of course, we will support the old known extensibility technologies in the first place and then look into Office Apps. But capabilities are too limited here.

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