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Extend Your World – with our newest product

We here at Add-in Express like to boast that our products can help you take control of your projects, and take over the more mundane (and sometimes incredibly frustrating) aspects of add-in development.  After all, our tools are focused on Rapid Application Development (RAD).  Which really means you get to spend more time writing creative solutions and finish your projects faster while our project templates and framework do the hard, ugly work for you.  Of course, when your job is finished you will then have time to do whatever you want.  The world is your oyster so to speak!

Suppose you use Add-in Express to build such an impressive solution that your customers/users are super happy.  In a perfect world your boss might give you a promotion and raise!  With that extra money you can finally afford that vacation you’ve always wanted to take so you can relax on a beach in Costa Rica :-)

A beach in Costa Rica

Okay, you’re probably wondering by this point what the, um, point is.  I really  just want to highlight a humble marketing campaign we’ve launched centred around one of our slogans: “Extend Your World”!  Because that is in effect what you are doing with our products (albeit we really mean you are extending your programming world as it pertains to Office Development).

So how else can we Extend Your World?  How about straight up into the sky, as high as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, U.A.E.!

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Or how about we Extend Your World right into the busiest tourist/commercial district in the largest city in America – Times Square in New York City!

Times Square

But that’s enough of our tour around the world for now.  Let’s get to that important announcement I mentioned!

We have a new product!  Watch the video to find out more! :-)

You’ll find more details about Add-in Express Regions for Microsoft Office and VSTO in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for plenty of blog posts and articles about this exciting new product!

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