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Video: Creating a custom SharePoint 2010 ribbon

I’m really intrigued by Office 365. I think the way Microsoft is marketing it (and pricing it) is compelling. What I like most is the potential user base it represents. I really like that I can build a solution and publish it. I really love that people can buy it and then use it during their day. It’s a bit like writing words and then having you read them.

There’s something really cool about that. It connects me to you and you to me.  I think Office 365 will open a whole new world of connection between software developers and business users. Office is a business platform and Office 365 is its future. Well enough pontificating.

In this video, I show how to build your first Office 365 solution. This solution is a custom SharePoint ribbon that works with SharePoint 2010. It’s simple but I like to think its simplicity is elegant.

I cover this scenario end-to-end… from developing it to deploying. One of the highlights is that I use our new Ribbon Designer for SharePoint and Office 365. It’s a time saver.

I recommend you watch this video. It’s roughly 18 minutes long. I promise you it doesn’t stink.

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