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Office Newswire: The controversial case of Windows 8 RT

You don’t have to like it. Whether you do or you don’t, the fact is…

  • it is innovative
  • it’s aggressive
  • it’s easy to use
  • it’s attractive
  • and most important, it’s “clicky” (which = fun)… just watch this video:

The “It” is Windows 8 RT. Along with it, you have Microsoft Surface RT. Their release marks a shift in our Microsoft Office world. The impacts remain to be seen. I know this, where there is a change, an emerging market exists. Emerging markets equal an opportunity. Let’s pay attention together.

Office news & editorials!

  • 5 big things that baffle me about Microsoft Surface RT :: Yep, leading off with an item covering Windows Surface RT. Office and Windows goes together like peas and carrots. Thus, Windows News = Office News (all too often). Is Windows 8 RT a solution looking for a problem? What happens when a Windows RT user discovers they can’t run traditional desktop apps like Adobe Photoshop? Some of the questions raised here are good. Other questions in this article show the author doesn’t understand. Windows 8 RT is a 100% consumer play. It has not, uh, business, in business. It’s that simple. Tracking this story is already fun!
  • Steven Sinofsky: Microsoft’s controversial Mr. Windows 8 :: I like Sinofsky, at least what I know of him. He delivers on-time. No idea if he delivers on budget but I don’t know if that matters. After reading this article I don’t believe he is controversial to those of us outside Microsoft. I am beginning to understand how he is controversial internally at Microsoft. Okay fine, but Windows had to change. We’ll find out soon enough if the market approves.
  • Office 2013’s unhealthy obsession with an internet connection :: It’s true, Internet connectivity is not necessary to create with Office applications. But a connection is necessary if you want to share them.
  • Don’t miss the new Election Tracker app :: Nothing like a United States of America presidential election to make the natives restless. I think this one has the potential to make the 2000 nail biter look like child’s play. We just might end up with a dead locked electoral college. If that happens, I hope you have plenty of popcorn to help you enjoy the fireworks. In the meantime, you can download this app and play with the possible scenarios.

Office tips, tricks & tools

  • Top timeline tips in Visio :: One of the best tips I have seen in some time. I use Visio for this very purpose. I then take the timeline and past into Word. This tip will improve my proposal writing life. Plus, the new timeline features a cool.
  • My path to Inbox Zero :: Zero Inbox is an interesting concept. There are lots of methods for achieving it. My recommendation is to work that inbox hard during the day. Then, delete everything before you leave the office. If it’s important, they’ll send it again and ask if you’ve made any progress. It’s an effective strategy…but please,try it at your own risk. If you want less risk, try the tips in the link.
  • An Outlook calendar to help you stay on top of your life :: The calendar "quick entry" feature alone made this article worth including.
  • Two new home made SharePoint 2013 Apps :: A couple of (potentially) useful apps. I’m beginning to wonder if there the will be an app for just about any SharePoint need (real or imagined).

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