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Version 9.0 of Add-in Express for Office is out!

Updated on June 21, 2018

Long-term customers of Add-in Express know that we usually sim-ship new releases with new versions of Microsoft Office. This time is different. While Microsoft guys are probably still working on the new features of Office 2019, the new major version of Add-in Express for Office is live already.

What’s new in version 9.0

If you have a look at the ADX.NET history page, you may be surprised to see just these two lines:

  • Support for mixed-mode DPI scaling (per-monitor DPI awareness) in Office 2016 applications.
  • Support for the background loading and initialization of the Add-in Express package in Visual Studio 2017.

“Is this worth a new major version?” you may ask. We believe it is. Our main goal for this release is to support all the breaking changes that the developers of managed add-ins will have to deal with to support multi-dpi and multi-monitor configurations. From my experience, this new feature is likely to break many existing add-ins…

Licensing changes

Beginning with version 9, Add-in Express for Office (.net and VCL editions) will be available solely on the subscription basis. Meaning, only customers with active subscriptions will be able to install the latest version of the product.

De jure, we declared 1 year of minor or minor and major updates, depending on the subscription, in the previous versions. De facto, we never bothered to check the purchase date and allowed installing any build within the major version that you bought. In the new version, we have finally implemented a more elaborate key validation scheme. So, if during installation you get the “Your subscription is expired and does not allow installing this build” message, please check your order date before you do anything else :)

If your subscription has expired, don’t worry, you can keep using your current version as long as you want or install a newer version that was published during the term of your subscription.

For more information, please see our updated EULA and FAQs.

Support and maintenance changes

And now, two pieces of great news, especially for the owners of Standard subscriptions.

In the new version, 12 months of free updates are included with all subscriptions – Standard, Professional and Premium. All updates, minor and major.

Also, 12 months of tech support are included with all subscriptions – Standard, Professional and Premium.

For more information, please see the subscription comparison table and feature matrix.

Note. All of the above changes apply only to version 9.x of Add-in Express for Office and .net and Add-in Express for Office and Delphi VCL. Your use of the previous versions is governed by the EULA in effect at the time of purchase (which is included in the installation package). For the sake of clarity, in older versions (v. 1.x – 8.x) of Add-in Express for Office, the Standard subscription included 60 days of tech support and 1 year of minor updates.

Support for Office 2019

At the moment, we cannot say when the new Office version will be supported because the Office 2019 release date is not known yet. As soon as we get Office 2019 via our partner update channel, we will start working on it. Usually, it takes us 4 – 6 weeks to support a new major Office version.

How can I get the new version?

Version 9.0 is available for download here: ADX.NET and ADX.VCL.

As usual, all customers with active Professional and Premium subscriptions get the new major version for free, i.e. subscriptions purchased after May 2, 2017.

Also, we provide a 60-day grace period to Standard subscriptions. So, if you bought Add-in Express for Office, Standard on March 4, 2018 or later, you will get version 9.0 free of charge.

The new keys were sent out a few days ago. If you fall into the above categories but have not received your new key yet, please check your Junk mail folder. If it is not there, please contact us.

Everyone else can get the new version by renewing your subscription. The renewal cost has not changed – 50% of the full price. There is no time limit and no late-renewal fee.

If you have any questions, please leave your comments and we will respond as soon as we can. Thank you for your attention and happy coding!


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