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Office Newswire: Microsoft Surface – reviews, observations and predictions – 6.20.2012

The world has indeed changed. Hardware and design matter as much as software… even Microsoft admits it now and has done something about it.

Microsoft Surface

After reading almost everything there is to read on the subject of Microsoft Surface, I have a few observations and predictions:

  • I’m surprised and happy.
  • If Microsoft delivers, Surface changes the tablet game.
  • Windows 8 suddenly makes sense to me.
  • I don’t think MSFT has been this cool since 1995.
  • Steve Ballmer is no Steve Jobs… nor should he be.
  • Office 16 is going to be drastically different and will leave its desktop roots behind.
  • I hope we don’t have to wait 3 years after the release of Office 15 to see it.
  • Microsoft held this event to capture momentum and let us know we should save our money for the cool stuff headed our way.

I’ll admit it straight-up. I want one. Windows 8 frustrates me but I have a feeling I’ll learn to love it if I have a Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface!

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