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Office 365 Newswire: Why small businesses are leaving Google Apps for Office 365 – 11.30.2011

Everyone is spending time trying to figure out “the cloud”. The big software vendors have already decided it will be a big part of our future. They are rushing to port their existing offerings to the cloud to provide more features at a lower cost while also achieving software nirvana… subscription pricing!

What this means is that three things are now certain in life:

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. Monthly software fees

Given the rapid ascent into the cloud, the majority of news items cover the uncertainty involved. For example…

  • Should you make the move now?
  • How will adopting the cloud impact your business?
  • Whose cloud offering should you adopt?

Well, it depends. Experts and journalist offer their opinions… but really, it depends upon what you think is best for your businesssomething most experts and journalists neglect to mention.

Stepping down from my soap box, let’s get going with today’s Office Newswire!


  • Is Moving to the Cloud MSFT’s Biggest Challenge Yet?: I challenge the premise of this article’s opening statement but I like that the author sticks his neck out and offers an interesting opinion. He brings up a great point regarding Capital Expenditures versus Operating Expenditures.
  • Why Small Businesses are Leaving Google Apps for Office 365: The conventional wisdom is that Microsoft faces an uphill battle in the cloud because they want to charge a monthly fee for their offerings and Google does not. As it turns out, conventional wisdom is often foolish. This article explains just why SMBs are moving to the cloud and points to why Office 365 stands to be a success.
  • Privacy in the Cloud:  This is a Microsoft produced white paper that discusses their privacy strategy as it pertains to Office 365. What do they do with your data? How do they separate your stuff from other people’s stuff? How do they control access? etc. Read it and find out.
  • Office 365 Infographic: I have fallen prey to the infographic trend. Despite the “texty” nature of our beloved Office 365 Newswire, I love graphics and this one does a great job of explaining Office 365 with pictures (and some text). I don’t know if it is as good as this video but it’s pretty good. I’m inspired to add some graphics to the Newswire.


  • Lync for Mac 2011 Now Available: If you use a Mac and subscribe to Office 365 (like I do), then click this link to download Lync… for your Mac and start hosting some meetings.
  • Migrator for Office 365: Looking to migrate from your on-premise SharePoint to Office 365’s SharePoint Online? Then this tool from MetaVis is worth considering. It claims to make migration easy. What more could you ask?

Developing with Office 365

Microsoft did a little brag yesterday regarding how well they are doing selling Office 365. I have been wanting to see their numbers for a while now. From the figures released yesterday, Microsoft is on to something with Office 365.

That’s it and that’s all for today folks.



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