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Office 365 Newswire – 11.15.2011

Here at Add-in-Express, we have decided (actually, it was Eugene’s idea) it would be a good idea to regularly share Office related news with you…our beloved customers.

As you might imagine, we spend all of our free time reading about Office and what Microsoft calls “the Information Worker Platform”….which we, the non-marketing developer types, refer to simply as Office & SharePoint (& sometimes Exchange). Besides reading about Office we love to share what we learn in the hopes of making life a little bit easier out there for someone. You never know when something you post to the “Interweb” will turn out to save someone 5 hours of searching and reading.

That’s enough introductions for now. We will publish two news summaries each week:

  1. Microsoft Office: This news summary will cover anything and everything related to Office…unless it is Office 365 because…
  2. Microsoft Office 365: This news summary will cover Office 365 and related cloud offerings

We’ll do our best to cover the most relevant and interesting news and while making it interesting and easy for you to read while sipping your coffee.

Today’s Office 365 news….

  • Introduction on How Businesses Can Benefit from SharePoint Online: Register for this “Lync and Learn” session (I love Microsoft’s marketers) that will provide an introduction to SharePoint Online’s functions and capabilities. The online event is this Thursday, 11/17.
  • Microsoft Office 365 and doing Business in the Cloud: If you can overcome the site design, this article offers thoughts covering Office 365’s impact to businesses that adopt it…its ability to compete, the impact on IT, and more. It’s an overview & opinion piece so don’t expect too much…scan it.
  • Office 365 vs Google Docs Smackdown!: I admit I created that title because I thought the author’s original title (Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Business) needed some “oomph”. This article does a good job of comparing Office 365 with Google Docs. The best line from the article? “The biggest feature of Office 365 that is not available with Google Apps would be Microsoft Office“. Overall, this is a solid, just-the-facts, comparison
  • Office 365 Developer’s Guide: After reading the first three items, you might wonder how you can start building with Office 365. This is Microsoft’s official guide. You can read it but I’d wait for the movie (stay tuned for the sequel to What is Office 365? where we cover the same topic from the developer point-of-view…coming soon!)
  • Are SharePoint and SharePoint Online the same thing? This item is from the Microsoft Forums and was posted by a web designer. This person raises a question everyone asks eventually when working with Office 365. You can read the thread or you can jump here and download the “Microsoft SharePoint Online for Enterprises Service Description.docx” to learn the key differences.

I’m out of coffee… which means it’s time to wrap-up this post to go brew another cup. See you next time when I will further amuse and inform with news covering Microsoft Office.

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