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Add-in Express 2009 Roadmap – Part 2

I have discovered an interesting fact. My posts on this blog led to the increased number of messages in my Inbox. But practically no one writes directly here, to the blog. The main goal is reached, though – we have got one more tool for communication with our customers… :-)

Now then, I've decided to answer the two main questions regarding Add-in Express 2009 Roadmap.

Q. Where can I find more details?

A. Nowhere for the time being. In January I will depict all features and improvements deserving attention on this blog. So, please let me gain strength during the holidays and I will provide more details about everything that has aroused interest.

Q. When will all Add-in Express 2009 features be realized?

A. The majority of features and improvements will be implemented in the first release of Add-in Express Generation 2009 (in January or early February in late Marh or April). However, our Roadmap 2009 is not something absolutely “read-only”. We never work by a set rigid plan. Firstly, we come up with a great number of new interesting ideas when implementing these or those features. I guess it's happened to many of you, when you are coding something and suddenly bang-bang… whoops… an idea! And you leave off all other things in order to push forward this very idea and realize it in a couple of nights. Well, naturally, we have a stricter policy when it comes to scheduling new releases and intermediate builds, but to tell you the truth, not much :-) Secondly, and this is the key point, we pick up a lot of interesting ideas from our technical support. And it often happens that we put off the implementation of features devised by us and give higher priority to the ideas of our customers. And I am absolutely sure, this is a matter of course, and no other way is possible.

Q. Why is so much attention paid to Delphi Prism?

A. I don't know myself… :-)

Last updated on 02-Mar-2009.

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