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Video HowTo: ClickOnce installation for Office add-in in minutes (VB.NET)

This visual sample is purposed mainly for novices in Office development. It demonstrate the facilities of the ClickOnce technology with regard to installation of a simple Excel add-in based on Add-in Express with Advanced Excel Task Panes... Read the rest of this entry →

Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010 and Add-in Express 2010

Every time when I set about to write on some topic like this, I am torn by internal strife - whether to develop a theme in such a major-marketing tone, so characteristic of bravura press-releases that have already flooded web-sites of component vendors, or simply publish a post on the blog... Read the rest of this entry →

HowTo: Register your MS Office add-in with WiX

If you are using Microsoft’s WiX toolset to build a setup for your Add-In, then there are several ways to register the Add-In. I’ve seen examples that use a custom action to call RegSvr32.exe to do the registration. But since RegSvr32.exe does nothing more than calling the DllRegisterServer function of our Add-In, why not calling that directly from a custom action?... Read the rest of this entry →

HowTo: Install a COM add-in automatically using Windows Server Group Policy

Here you will get to know how you can use Windows Server Group Policy to install Office applications automatically, including Office COM add-ins. You will learn how to create a Group Policy object in Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008, how to assign and remove an installation package…... Read the rest of this entry →

Windows Installer Error 2908 when installing bulky setup projects

You created an MSI-based setup project, say in Visual Studio, installed it on the customer PC, and it resulted in Error 2908. In this post you will find a workaround for this scenario. ... Read the rest of this entry →

Shims, Loader and Add-in Express .NET Setup projects

Moving your add-in projects from C++ shims to Add-in Express .NET Loader. Get your add-in registered in the host application automatically.... Read the rest of this entry →

Setup project events for add-in solutions based on Add-in Express

Booker Prize. Also, all about setup projects based on Add-in Express. There are several custom events that we can use for...... Read the rest of this entry →

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