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Version 9 of Security Manager for Microsoft Outlook is released!

Microsoft Office 2019 has been around for a few weeks, and Security Manager is the first of our products to support it. Well, that was the summary line of this announcement. The details follow below.

What’s new in version 9.0

The “What’s new” list of the new version contains just one item:

  • Added: Support for Microsoft Outlook 2019, x86 and x64 bits.

From a developer’s perspective, there are no changes in the API. So, you just need to install the latest version on your development machine, rebuild your code and make sure your setup project includes our latest redistributables.

Licensing changes

We are consistently moving our products to the subscription model, and Security Manager is no exception.

The most important change is that from now on, only customers with active subscriptions will be able to install the latest version of the product.

When your subscription expires, you can continue using your current version with no limitations. Also, you are allowed to install any newer version that was published during the term of your subscription.

Note. Your use of any previous version is governed by the EULA in effect at the time of purchase, which is included in the installation package.

Support and maintenance changes

Beginning with version 9.0, Security Manager is available in one subscription, there is no division for Standard and Professional any longer.

A unified subscription includes:

  • A developer license
  • 12 months of free minor and major updates
  • 12 months of technical support service
Note. These changes apply only to version 9.0 and later. In versions 1.x-8.x, the Standard subscription includes 60 days of tech support and 1 year of minor updates; Professional includes 1 year of tech support and all updates.

How can I get the new version?

Version 9.0 is available for download here.

Please note, it is a new major version and it requires a new license key.

As usual, all customers with active Professional subscriptions (purchased on October 26, 2017 or later) get the new version for free. Also, we provide a 60-day grace period to Standard subscriptions (purchased after August 27, 2018).

If you are eligible for a free upgrade, please check your inbox for a new key. If it is not there, search in the Junk mail folder. If it is not there either, please contact us.

Everyone else can get the new version by purchasing a subscription renewal.

You’re welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns by using the comments section on this page. Thank you for your attention and happy coding!

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