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Add-in Express for Office issues on multiple monitors with different DPI settings

This is an early alert for developers creating Office add-ins using Add-in Express for Office (.NET and VCL editions) or Add-in Express Regions for VSTO.

Microsoft has published Office 2016 build 8828.2010 through its Office Insider update channel. Without any useless notifications, that build supports multiple monitors with different DPI settings; the support relies on the API changes provided by Windows 10 Creators Update. The user, developer and tester related aspects of these changes are described in High-DPI Scaling Improvements for Desktop Applications in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

The current build of Add-in Express may demonstrate two issues in Excel, Word and PowerPoint of that Office build:

  • In multi-monitor multi-DPI environment, an Add-in Express pane may become shown on a wrong monitor, outside of the Office application’s main window.
  • The display of the Add-in Express panes doesn’t react to the pane being dragging to a monitor with different DPI.

Again, currently affected are Excel, Word and PowerPoint only. We are investigating these issues. Once I have any news on this, I’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

The issues were reported by our long-time customer, a team of developers led by Slava. Thank you very much, guys!

Update. 17-Jan-2018. We have test assemblies that fix the issue for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The assemblies can be used only with Add-in Express 8.7.4430. Please contact us, if you need these assemblies.

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