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Office Newswire: Should Office become the operating system?

Because Microsoft has thrust upon us the new version of Windows and Office, there is a lot of prognosticating by those who make a living prognosticating. When it comes to predicting the future, I believe the best advice is to do what the best weather people (man or woman) do. They look at yesterday's weather to predict tomorrow's. I think you can do the same with the software industry and have a better than average success rate.
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  • Should Microsoft merge Office into Windows – or snap it off? :: Should Microsoft Office be the operation system? Ballmer likes to call SharePoint “the business operating system” so maybe Microsoft is already looking into this idea? Some interesting thoughts here. What the author fails to answer is: What would replace Excel? Word? PowerPoint? In the future, will we no longer have the need to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets? Sheesh. Be sure and read the comments on this one.
  • SharePoint online or on-premises: Who is Microsoft betting on? :: The cloud. Put all your chips on the cloud.
  • New SharePoint development model triggers hopes, questions :: With a new app model comes new opportunities for ISVs of all shapes and sizes. This article has it all, Pioneers, Flags, Virgins, Ninjas, and Nerds. It’s better than a Hollywood B movie.
  • Thanks to the Office ecosystem, Windows lacks standout task management apps :: I am an avid collector of ToDo apps. So, naturally, this item caught my attention. I think Windows 8 is ripe for someone to fill this perceived gap. I say perceived because Outlook Tasks works well for me… but it does need some help and I have it on my ToDo list to do something about it. I even have mockups..so… I’m serious!
  • Stop the Windows 8 bashing! Progress and change are not bad things :: I didn’t like Windows 8 at first but I have changed my mind. I think it’s pretty great. It boots fast. It shuts down fast. It isn’t confusing after 30-60 minutes of fiddling around. Oh.. it also runs all my apps and has an app store. What else does it need to get some good press? An Apple logo?

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