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Office 365 Newswire: Is On-Premises software a thing of the past?

“Your eyes our bigger than your stomach”. – Any Parent

My parents told me this all the time. I would load my plate full of food at dinner only to achieve a full tummy before I could eat it all (I still, miraculously, had room for dessert). This tendency still afflicts me only not so much with food. Now, I get an idea in my head and decide to go for it. It is typically bigger and better than anything I have attempted before.

I usually do this when I my curiosity is aroused by something that starts me thinking:

  • What if I use _________ to _________ ?
  • What would that look like?
  • Can I make it happen?
  • What would be the response?

I have a couple of ideas for the Newswire that I just couldn’t quite pull of this week. I’m close but the “lessons learned” mean I need to revise my strategy and take another crack at it.

I think it will be worth the effort.
I think you’ll like it.
It will be new and different… something I haven’t done before.

I can promise you this, whether it is great or it stinks, we’ll all learn something from it.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and enjoy today Office 365 Newswire.

Office 365 news & editorials!

Office 365 tips & tricks & tools

  • Office 365 Preview “SharePoint Online” – How to create an app catalog :: I came across this one honestly. Meaning, I wasn’t researching content for the Newswire. I was trying to do some work! I was setting up an catalog for Office 365 Preview account because I have an app for Outlook I want to test. Creating the catalog is easy. Figuring out how to purchase (or add) apps to the catalog wasn’t. Getting past permissions issue wasn’t, as the screen shot below attests. I’m thinking I “purchase apps” doesn’t work because the app store isn’t “live” yet. But I’ll admit that is just my theory.

Do not purchase apps

Office 365 developer items of note

  • Develop with New Cloud App Model with SharePoint 2013 & Office 2013 :: To write apps for Office & SharePoint… which are hosted in the cloud… it stands to reason that you should be able to write these apps using cloud-based tools. Napa is the tool for this job. All you need is an Internet connection, a browser, and some know-how.
  • Office 365 developer hub :: This is the developer hub for the current version of Office 365. It doesn’t contain material for upcoming release. I’m including it because I spent a considerable amount of time perusing it this week. This stuff is relevant to the upcoming release too.

The cutting room floor

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