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Office Newswire: Will Yammer become part of Office 365 SharePoint Online? – 6.27.2012

It’s H.O.T. in Texas. I ventured out briefly to enjoy lunch with a friend. The Weather Channel said the temperature was 104! I don’t think the Weather Channel checks the temperature at ground level. I also don’t think they properly account for the impact clothing has on what I refer to as Perceived Temperature.

Perceived Temperature = Temp according to the Weather Channel + 7 degrees + IF (wearing clothes is True, 5, –9)

It’s advanced math, I realize… I know because I showed it to my 9 year old son and he didn’t understand it. I worked this calculation out during lunch and I take full credit. I think it needs further refinement because it doesn’t take into account the variety of clothing options available.

But it is a working model. According to definition, yesterday’s Perceived Temperature was 116. I gave considerable thought to showing up to lunch naked. The heat does crazy things to your mind.

Office news & editorials!

  • Microsoft swallows Yammer for $1.2 billion :: Better business social networking is on its way. Eventually, it will “surface” (ha ha… get it) in Office 365’s SharePoint Online. Which I suppose this item belongs in the Office 365 Newswire… oh well. Yammer has over 200,000 corporate accounts (with 5 million users). I never heard of Yammer prior to 2 weeks ago. I think all this social network stuff is a fad.
  • Will Yammer improve SharePoint? :: The author of this article thinks not. Best quote?”… this is just the latest in a long line of Microsoft attempts to look cool in social [networking software].” Ouch! I tend to agree… although I don’t consider myself fully informed yet. I need to check into Yammer and think about it first. What I can’t get my brain around is this… why do I need yet another social networking tool? Between email, Lync (and all messenger apps), Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn… I can barely focus on a single game of Words with Friends. There are too many interruptions to my work day already!
  • How long before Microsoft drops SharePoint ‘On Premise’ altogether? :: If Yammer will only become part of Office 365, what is the impact to SharePoint on-premise? Is this a clue to help us discern the SharePoint product roadmap? Maybe. I don’t see on-premise SharePoint going the way of the dinosaur anytime soon.
  • Microsoft Surface: Why it exists, why it matters :: A short, thoughtful history lesson with a lesson. Sorta like a fairy tale. Also, MSFT did it because Jobs was right… design matters… so does a unified experience. No one wants the PC makers crap ware either.
  • Microsoft’s road to redemption :: Microsoft rising :: Two articles taking note of the”new” MSFT. The one that has rediscovered how to take risks and innovate. Both articles are great… particularly the first one. The comments are good too.

Office tips, tricks & tools

I helped my dad yesterday with an Excel spreadsheet. He’s a CPA and uses the heck outta Excel. He emailed and said,”I’m having some trouble with some of my VLOOKUPs resulting in #N/A. They are messing up my totals. Is there a way to correct this?”. Ha! Is there ever… it’s called ISNA. Dad now thinks son is a genius.

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