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Office Newswire: Office 15 Beta to Debut January 2012 – 11.26.2011

I’m a day late with the Office Newswire for this week. I am without excuse but I will still lay blame on the tryptophan-induced coma I had as a result of all the turkey I ate during Thanksgiving. That and the 2 pieces of pecan pie.

I have lots to say but I’m going to be brief due to the (American) holiday and the fact I can barely reach my keyboard due to my currently oversized belly.

  • PowerPivot for Excel: The Excel team posted a short (1:23 minute) video that explains PowerPivot. It’s informative and tells you just what it does. Around the 0:43 mark they start to show you what it does. I’ll tell you what it does: it works data and let’s you do cool stuff with it using Excel. Check it out.
  • Create Templates in Outlook 2010: This is an oldie but a goodie. The How-To Geek does a great job explaining how to build reusable templates in Outlook. If you find yourself writing the same email over and over again… make a template and save your fingers. You can only type so many words in a day.
  • Create an Outlook Message Based on a Template (using code): If you like the previous article but want to take it further and automate the process of creating an email from a template, you need to read this article from our own Eugene Astafiev. He does a great job explaining how to do it and he gives you some code to steal (uh re-use). We have another great article on this topic too written by Andrei Smolin.
  • SharePoint Navigation Made Easy: Last week I listed the Mindjet SharePoint tool in the Office Newswire and thought aloud that it could be a great tool for SharePoint navigation. This week, Colligo discussed how users can use their Outlook add-in to build custom SharePoint folder trees within Outlook. This is a good read if your company uses Office and SharePoint… and who doesn’t these days, right?
  • Office 15 Beta (rumored) to Debut January 2012: This is a big one. I was surprised it could arrive so soon. From the rumors, we can expect a full-featured beta and we can expect the user-interface to include some Metro elements. I can’t wait to see it to learn where Microsoft is going with their next release of the Office platform. Read the article for full details. Other related articles are:

That’s all for this Thanksgiving edition of the Newswire.

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you next week.

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