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Building a Real Time Data server: Embedding a GoogleMap page in an Excel Task Pane, part 9

This is part 9 of the tutorial that describes the techniques necessary to build an Excel RTD server. If you have just come to this page, I suggest you read all parts in order, here is Building a Real Time Data for Excel, part 1.

Today it is another short subject, but worthy of a few remarks.

The GoogleMaps taskpane is implemented in a separate project, hopefully re-usable.

The task pane is created in Geodesix.AddinModule #27#, which also contains the event handlers. Geodesix.AddinModule.Map is the task pane, and it contains an instance of the
GoogleMaps.GoogleMap user control, which in turn contains an Internet Explorer control.

The GoogleMap control exposes 3 public methods:

  1. ShowFlight #28#, which loads GoogleMaps.FlightPath.htm.
  2. ShowLocation #29#, which loads GoogleMaps.Geocoder.htm.
  3. ShowRoute #30#, which loads GoogleMaps.Directions.htm.

Each of these methods simply builds the appropriate URL for the IR control and navigates to it. The good part is that you can modify those HTM pages as you see fit if you want to change the display format. The bad part is that the javascript is not exactly trivial, but certainly a good exercise.

Building a Real Time Data for Excel tutorial:

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