Eugene Starostin

Add-in Express VCL future

There is no doubt that everybody who hasn’t left Borland Delphi yet, should reflect on the matter. Borland guys decided to get rid of all their IDEs, including Delphi, C++ Builder, JBuilder, etc. Is it still worth relying on Delphi? This question was acute for us too. Are you are asking what decision we have come to? Oh, I’m ready to answer now.

We decided that Add-in Express 2.5 we are preparing now will be the final version.

Yes, the final version of generation 2.x. Evidently, that is the reason for us to start developing the next generation of Add-in Express VCL in April. That will be generation 3. In addition, all extensions we developed or will develop for Add-in Express .NET will be developed for Add-in Express VCL 3.

BTW, does anybody understand my Russian humor, I wonder? :-)

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