Build custom Excel UI in Delphi:
advanced task panes, Automation add-ins, RTD

Add-in Express™
for Microsoft® Office and Delphi® VCL

Advanced Excel Task Panes

For Excel developers, Add-in Express offers a new, unique technology of Advanced Task Panes. Using this technology you can customize the Excel UI by embedding custom Delphi forms and populating them with any built-in or third-party controls. As a result, you get full-featured custom-tailored Excel plug-ins that work on all Excel versions, across 2000 through Excel 2021 32-bit and 64-bit.

Several task panes in the same region in Excel 2010

Customize Excel workbooks with your Delphi forms

Advanced Task Panes provided by Add-in Express seamlessly fit into the Excel GUI considering the specificities of each Excel version. The Advanced Excel Task Panes allow you to do without pop-up windows and give you the opportunity to build a first-class Excel user interface (UI) based on modern design and preferences of your end-users.

Regions where your custom panes can be embedded

Excel Real-time Data (RTD) Servers

Another in-demand feature of Add-in Express for Office and Delphi is developing Excel real-time data servers. With Add-in Express you can build Excel RTD servers with any number of RTD topics and use them on any Excel worksheets. Your real-time data can be used in Excel formulas, charts and pivot-tables. See a sample Excel Real-Time Data server project.

An Excel formula that uses a sample RTD Server

Excel Automation add-ins (UDF)

In Excel 2002 - 2021, COM add-ins can be used to develop new worksheets functions (user-defined functions). Such add-ins, called Excel Automation Add-ins, allow you to create new functions used for any purposes. See a sample Excel Automation add-in project.

A formula that uses a sample Excel Automation add-in