Sample Outlook COM Add-in in Delphi (VCL) with Source Code

Add-in Express Toys™ VCL
for Microsoft Outlook

Add-in Express Toys VCL is a free sample Microsoft Outlook COM add-in / plugin developed in Delphi that is intended to show general approaches to Outlook programming. With this Outlook addin you can examine real Internet headers and the body of e-mail messages in the RAW format. The plugin creates its own command bars in Outlook Explorer and Outlook Inspector command bars, accesses Outlook objects via Outlook Object Model and Extended MAPI and adds custom option and property pages to the main Options dialog box.

The addin is based on Add-in Express VCL Edition and Delphi 7. It supports Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and higher.

How Add-in Express Automates Outlook in Delphi

If  you are engaged in developing Outlook COM add-ins, then you would obviously agree that this is one of the worst programming tasks possible. And the most complex part of creating such add-ins is dreadful COM complexities to deal with. Add-in Express VCL can considerably facilitate this process. It is a Delphi component set designed specially for creating COM add-ins / plugins for Outlook. Add-in Express allows you to:

  • Add new command bars to the Outlook command bar system, including Outlook Explorer command bars and Outlook Inspector command bars.
  • Connect to any built-in command bars and their controls, and override their functionality including catching the Send button.
  • Handle Outlook context-sensitivity menus in the Explorer and Inspector windows.
  • Create new tabs on the main Options window and the folder properties window, and more.

Add-in Express gives a developer one entry point to all Outlook objects in the regular way (through TOutlookApplication), and allows to handle Outlook events.  Add-in Express supports Delphi 7 - XE7. So, if you need to integrate with Outlook, or with MS Office in general, check out  Add-in Express for Office and Delphi VCL.

Download Delphi Outlook COM Add-in

Please note compiled binaries are not included in the setup package of the Add-in Express Toys VCL. You need Add-in Express VCL Edition to compile this sample Outlook add-in.

Add-in Express Toys VCL Toolbar

Add-in Express Toys VCL for Outlook adds to Outlook a new folder specific toolbar with tree buttons:

The buttons are:

Shows the Add-in Express Toys About window.

Shows internet headers of the selected message. 

Safely shows contents of the selected message.