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Outlook Events Logger Add-in

Outlook Events Logger Add-in is a free tool that enables you to see all events in Outlook 2000-2010 as they happen. The add-in is built on Add-in Express for Office and .net. Normally you would handle the needed event, in event handler you would either add a log string or set a breakpoint, run Outlook and get the event handler to trigger.

With Outlook Events Logger Add-in you can see all (or selected) event chains in the log window embedded in Outlook Explorer. You can filter events by groups; for example, see only those event chains that are fired by Outlook Explorer, Inspector, Folder etc.

Events Add-in for Outlook

How to use

  • Download, unzip, run the setup.exe and install the add-in
  • Run Outlook and see embedded log window under a list of items


The Write log to file toolbar button is very helpful when you need events that happen during Outlook shutdown. On Outlook closing the log window is also closed but you can see all raised events in the log file.

The add-in is developed in Visual Studio 2005 (C#), source code is available.

Download Outlook Events Logger Add-in